Off-Duty CA Officer Involved in Shootout at Casino

An off-duty Sacramento, CA, Police Officer working as a security guard at Capitol Casino in Sacramento was involved in a shootout between two groups Sunday morning at 1:37 a.m., reports CBS 13.

Sacramento Police say the officer witnessed a fight break out between two groups of people in the parking lot of the Capitol Casino while he was working as a security guard. The officer then went outside to go break it up and was able to separate the two groups. As the parties were leaving, one m…
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Pechanga attempt murder of sheriff deputy RECORDING

Scanner recording of attempted murder of Peace Officer. Here is the details from the press-release… On December 8, 2009, at about 10:11 P.M., a deputy from the Riverside Sheriffs Department Southwest Station was patrolling the area of Pechanga parkway in the unincorporated area of Riverside County just south of Temecula.

The deputy observed a truck occupied by two adult males driving on Pechanga parkway and attempted to stop it for a vehicle code violation. The driver did not immediately pull over, but drove into the northern parking structure at the Pechanga Casino.

As the truck drove onto the second floor of the parking structure, the driver abruptly stopped and ran from the truck. The deputy called for assistance and began to chase the driver through the parking structure. During the foot pursuit the suspect turned and charged at the deputy knocking him to the ground. The deputy landed on his back hitting his head on the concrete, momentarily stunning him. The suspect jumped on top of the deputy, violently assaulted him, told the deputy that he (the suspect) was going to kill him, and grabbed the deputys handgun. Despite being injured, the deputy struggled for control of the gun.

A nearby Good Samaritan citizen witnessed the assault and assisted the deputy by jumping on the suspects back and helped prevent the suspect from gaining full control of the deputys handgun; however, a prolonged struggle continued. Despite the deputys pleas for help, several additional bystanders refused to aide him and walked away leaving the deputy and now Good Samaritan to continue the struggle with the suspect.

An alert Pechanga Casino security employee quickly notified other casino security personnel who responded to the parking structure and eventually subdued the suspect. The deputy and two Casino security personnel who had also sustained minor injuries during the arrest, were treated a local hospital and released the following morning. The suspect was also transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The suspect was identified as James Deck of San Deigo, with a date of birth of October 21, 1966. Deck was found to have an outstanding no-bail felony parole warrant.

On Wednesday, December 9, 2009, Deck was released from the hospital and booked into the Southwest Detention Center for attempted murder of a peace officer, attempted removal of a peace officer’s firearm, and criminal threats. Additional charges or enhancements may be added as the investigation continues. The Riverside County Sheriffs Deputy involved in this incident is a five-year veteran.

The passenger in the vehicle driven by Deck also ran away during the initial traffic stop. He has been tentatively identified by investigators. Further investigation is being conducted regarding his involvement in this incident. The Good Samaritan who assisted the deputy did not want to be publicly identified. The Temecula Police Department, Riverside County Sheriffs Department, and the deputy involved in this incident are grateful for the assistance of the Good Samaritan and the Pechanga Casino Security Personnel.

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Off-Duty CA Officer Involved in Shootout at Casino


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