Update: Detained For Photography in Downtown Rochester, MN

The video above and subsequent post below were submitted by “DC” via the CopBlock.org Submission tab. This post is an update to his first submission titled, “VIDEO: Detained For Photography in Downtown Rochester, MN.” Below is the video of that arrest to familiarize yourself with the situation DC faces in Rochester.
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update video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLBwqwHx3UY

I was taking pictures of the government center in downtown Rochester MN. I was really interesting in the construction they were doing because it honestly looked extremely unsafe.

A very nice security guard talked to me a little bit from the fire department. He was quite professional and was a good guy. You can see him at 4:14. After that, 2 plainclothes officers came up to me. They wouldn’t let me get my phone out of my pocket, i told them what I was doing and slowly did it anyway. He swiped for it as I unlocked it to begin recording. The first thing he says is to put my phone away.

I got detained for about 10-15 minutes after I refused to identify. I plan to follow up with a complaint since none of the officers knew basic identification laws in Minnesota. They of course use the Terror excuse to try and take away my rights.

I never got to speak to a supervisor. I was luckily not arrested for not committing a crime. They released me after saying “I had been identified”. I’m not sure if it’s because I actually had been identified, or because they knew they were wrong and were trying to save face.

Sorry for the cutoff, my phone ran out of space. I am aware that I talked too much. I don’t normally get accosted like this for my photography.

Feel free to tell them what you think. I’m honestly scared for other people who live in Rochester.
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To learn more about Update: Detained For Photography in Downtown Rochester, MN, please visit BountyHunterEDU.com

Update: Detained For Photography in Downtown Rochester, MN


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